The P.R.A -

Provisional Reorganization Alliance

A Non-Profit Corporation Chartered in Nevada with Headquarters in Texas.

Our sole purpose is to protect the U.S. Constitution and ally Centrists, Libertarians, Right of Center and Conservatives against radical far left factions and establishment elitists in the event of growing civil conflict.

“When did reason leave this country?”

The Provisional Reorganization Alliance believes in the US Constitution as the cornerstone of our society. The P.R.A. believes; 

That with rights comes responsibilities; 

That a social contract between citizens is crucial for maintaining a respectful, well disciplined society; 

That individuals must account for their actions at all times. 

The right to defend oneself, ones family and ones friends comes from natural law and can not be infringed upon by any state or government;

We refuse to be a product of the state, nor will our children. The family unit is first and foremost in raising and nurturing the generations of tomorrow. 

The P.R.A. is prepared to defend and fight, as necessary, to maintain this way of life.

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Who are we?

The P.R.A. is a political and physical action community.  We are Pro-Constitution, Socially Accepting, Politically Independent, and Fiscally Responsible, with Principled Opposition to Political Extremes.  

We believe a merger of moderate minds – moderate Republicans with moderate Democrats, is necessary in recovering and protecting the United States from extremists.

The P.R.A. takes the following positions


Supports and defends the ENTIRE United States Constitution as written;

Supports and defends the 1st Amendment, rejecting the current “politically correct environment and language.”

Supports, defends and protects the 2nd Amendment for all United States Citizens, including the restoration of ALL 2nd amendment rights for those citizens residing in oppressive 2nd amendment states like California and New York, among others;

Believes in a 50-state, uniform, “Shall Issue” Concealed Carry law; ALL law-abiding Americans have the RIGHT to defend themselves equally;