The P.R.A -

Provisional Reorganization Alliance

A Non-Profit Corporation Chartered in Nevada with Headquarters in Texas.

Our sole purpose is to protect the U.S. Constitution and ally Centrists, Libertarians, Right of Center and Conservatives against radical far left factions and establishment elitists in the event of growing civil conflict.


What the PRA expects from our fellow citizens – the constituents – is a collective maturity in understanding that we are not going to get everything we want from a single political candidate; as individuals, we must have some understanding that some compromise on some issues shall be required to achieve a peaceful and livable consensus in the United States, particularly on matters not specifically called out and protected in the Constitution.

In other words, if it’s specifically called out for in the Constitution, then it is absolutely protected; if it’s not, then it’s up for reasonable negotiation and consensus, if, at the very least, at the state or county level.


Right now, in the United States, there is a three-way fight for power brewing between the Establishment Elitists, the far-left so-called radical progressives, and everyone else, the SILENT MAJORITY – you and I. The media and power brokers in this country would like you to think it’s a battle between Red and Blue – but it’s not. Many current politicians from both sides, Republican and Democrat – are functioning side-by-side as part of the establishment, with no regard for their constituents. Their only interest is in gaining – and maintaining – POWER.

Given that, it only makes sense that our Silent Majority, made up of moderate Conservatives and moderate Democrats, unite under the Constitution and take the power back from these special interest groups and the entrenched establishment.

It is our country, and the Government is supposed to work for, and answer to – US.

What solution is there that will preserve and protect our history and institutions? And, most importantly, how are we to bring common sense back into the conversation? We know that the over-simplified Left or Right, Blue or Red, Liberal or Conservative choices will NOT work anymore.


As an individual, ask yourself these 5 simple questions:

1. 42% of Voters identify themselves as Independent; Do you?

2. 62% of voters are afraid to speak up in this political climate, for fear of retaliation; Are you a part of this silent majority? 

3. How long are you willing to tolerate the current political climate?

4. What are you personally willing to do about it?

5. What legacy do you want to leave future generations?

These are tough questions, with no easy answers. But here is what we do know: the time has come to stop allowing extremist left or right ideology to be the only voice speaking. 

The time has come for THE SILENT MAJORITY to STOP BEING SILENT, and bring civility, compromise, common sense, and the U.S. Constitution back into the conversation. It is time to Save Our Country from the extremists as well as establishment elitists.


The P.R.A. believes that in order to build consensus in a nation of 330 million people, you must have reasonable compromise, while acknowledging and embracing the articles, traditions and institutions which have allowed the United States to survive almost 250 years. The P.R.A. does this by removing divisive social issues from our national platform and calling for a Social Contract between ALL American citizens, built on integrity, dignity and mutual respect. We believe this approach supports individual freedoms while remaining aligned on the core issues that ARE the responsibility of a Federal Government.

The P.R.A. understands, and embraces, that most people are of reasonable and sound mind and stand somewhere in the middle of liberal and conservative ideology, while leaning more conservative fiscally. Like the majority of American citizens, The P.R.A. believes that the Federal Government has a responsibility to be conservative when spending taxpayers’ money. Government fiscal responsibility IS a Social Contract between the Government and its people.

The P.R.A. recognizes and supports the U.S. Constitution as the supreme law of the United States of America. We defend Free Speech. We recognize that modern progressivism has made it impossible for many citizens to openly express their positions, without fear of being labeled, threatened, or punished.

Unfortunately, with the current system, only the loudest and most extreme voices are given a platform to speak. These irresponsible, irrational voices are completely out of touch with most Americans and do not represent the majority. 

The P.R.A. adamantly supports, defends and protects the 2nd Amendment for all United States Citizens, including the restoration of ALL 2nd amendment rights for those citizens residing in oppressive 2nd amendment states; all citizens have a RIGHT to defend themselves equally. 

The P.R.A defends Individual Freedom. We believe that the majority of Americans value their Constitutional Rights. Therefore the P.R.A. is 100% committed to Social Freedom of Choice. 

We are agnostic when it comes to race, gender, religion, orientation, economic status, or any other identity tags currently used (and abused) in modern America. The P.R.A. believes in acceptance of personal choices, provided the U.S. Constitution is protected and fiscal spending of public money is responsible.

PLEASE JOIN US!  Donations are always welcome, they are not mandatory to join this movement. Send us an email and let us know you are on board.

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