The P.R.A -

Provisional Reorganization Alliance

A Non-Profit Corporation Chartered in Nevada with Headquarters in Texas.

Our sole purpose is to protect the U.S. Constitution and ally Centrists, Libertarians, Right of Center and Conservatives against radical far left factions and establishment elitists in the event of growing civil conflict.

  The P.R.A. takes the following positions:


Supports and defends the ENTIRE United States Constitution as written;

Supports and defends the 1st Amendment, rejecting the current “politically correct environment and language.”

Supports, defends and protects the 2nd Amendment for all United States Citizens, including the restoration of ALL 2nd amendment rights for those citizens residing in oppressive 2nd amendment states like California and New York, among others;

Believes in a 50-state, uniform, “Shall Issue” Concealed Carry law; ALL law-abiding Americans have the RIGHT to defend themselves equally;


Believes that the Federal Government should focus on issues of National Defense, Border Security and other requirements of a sovereign nation. The Federal Government should not be in the business of regulating or legislating divisive personal choices; therefore, social issues shall be set aside from the national agenda for now and returned to states and counties;

The P.R.A. supports the current President, Administration and the Federal Government at large in meeting our objectives as outlined in this platform. It is our DUTY as citizens to ensure that all elected officials succeed in carrying out our objectives; when they fail to do so, we believe they need to be removed as soon as possible through the electoral process.

Believes that the Federal Government should NOT be the social service provider of 1st resort. A Government should be able to ask reasonable things of its citizens; i.e., looking for work, creating jobs and companies, going back to school, getting rehabilitation, doing community service in exchange for reduced sentences, etc.;

Believes that the Federal Government should work towards a balanced budget, but also understands that a balanced budget objective may take years or decades;


The P.R.A. rejects extremist far left or far right ideology as unusable and unworkable for a diverse nation of 330 million people;

P.R.A. members and supporters are free to maintain their own personal beliefs with regards to religion, orientation, social issues and the like; personal choices and problems closest to the people should be addressed at the State and County level, which allows for regional granularity of choice – and not the Federal Government. Because of that, you will never be asked to take a public position on these social issues and choices; 

Given that, believe what you want to believe; keep it to yourself. They are of no consequence to the P.R.A. in terms of rational objectives or philosophy;

Believes that ALL able-bodied American citizens must pull their weight in this economy, including the 50% of the populace that currently pay no Federal income tax;

A Nationwide re-focus and re-emphasis on not just personal “rights”, but personal “responsibilities” that ALL citizens must be bound by in a civilized society;

The P.R.A. embraces, supports and encourages the learning of survival skills, self-reliance, and self-mastery on the physical, mental and spiritual planes, while acknowledging the biological differences between men and women;

The P.R.A. REFUSES to allow American citizens to be pitted against one another based upon identity politics, racial politics or some other demographic or metric; the P.R.A. is fully aware of the dirty tactics used by traditional media, social media, corporations, radical, disorganized outside groups and other well-funded powers that be, to divide and destroy this country and our people. Our common goal should be to permanently ABOLISH this practice.

The PRA rejects ALL “woke” culture, understanding that diversity for diversity-sake alone is dangerous for the United States, placing it in a weakened position within the global theater.

In the face of formidable armies from other viable nation-states around the world, the United States military and it’s intelligence agencies are being destroyed by “woke” culture. This must be IMMEDIATELY stopped.

The PRA believes in equality of opportunity – NOT equality of outcome. Much in the same way you would want to hire the most qualified Doctor, Surgeon, Dentist, Attorney, Accountant, Babysitter and Nanny, we believe that is in the best interest of the United States and it’s citizens to both promote and reward those who exemplify ability, hard work, courage and talent.


Believes that a reduction in Law Enforcement funding and support is absolute insanity; and sets the country on a backwards path of vigilantism, “hired gun” (private security for only those that can afford it) and an out of control, “pistols at dawn” old west type of nation. 

The fact is: There must be some sort of authority in an organized society to protect all members when they cannot protect themselves – and without Law and Order, thugs will be in control;

There are bad actors in every industry, profession, in every walk of life. Blaming the masses for a few bad actors is irresponsible, immature and systemically dangerous.


States have a responsibility to uphold the U.S. Constitution in the broadest possible interpretation, including the all of the rights guaranteed by the 1st and 2nd Amendments; states are NOT in the business of making interpretations of a document which is held at the Federal level, thus impeding any of the rights of it’s residents. And states cannot, in good conscience, heavily tax their residents while at the same time denying them their Constitutional rights (ALL of them).

States also must not be cavalier with their financial choices and decisions, only to then turn around and ask the Federal Government to bail them out. And the public must not be punitively punished as a result of poorly made, politically driven decisions.


Puts United States citizens first and foremost, with the understanding that sovereign nation-states exist for a reason – and that every nation, regardless of economic state or viability, is responsible for its own citizens;

Believes that China is the greatest outside threat to national security;

Believes that the United States should protect it’s interests with regards to trade or any nation-state level interaction with other nation-states. The P.R.A. also recognizes that the United States has been taken advantage of by other nation-states both financially and economically throughout history;

Believes that sovereign nations have the right – and the responsibility of having secure borders;


Believes in limited, responsible Immigration and H1B’s, if and only when no Americans can be identified and found for specific jobs or tasks. A “Best and Brightest” approach to limited, PERMANENT Immigration with a subsequent path to citizenship – and, if necessary, a guest worker program that ENSURES American Citizens that guest workers return to their homeland at the termination of their contract. P.R.A. concerns with out-of-control illegal immigration are primarily focused on an over-stressed, collapsing infrastructure as well as social and economic costs to taxpayers. Healthy sovereign nations must have control of their borders;


The P.R.A. shall continue to cautiously question the motivations of Technology, including machine learning, Artificial Intelligence and any subsequent so-called, “solutions” put forth publicly in addressing future joblessness and unemployment as the result of technology;

 ALL Social Media platforms have a social contract with the citizens of the society in which they operate to remain agnostic in terms of access and content, as well as being free from censorship and bias;


The P.R.A. rejects and denounces all radical groups such as Antifa, the Boogaloo’s and any other extremist organization from the far left or far right. NOTE: These disorganized, radical groups have NO association with formal, organized, state militia’s or other constitutionally recognized and protected entities;

Political Candidates (Local and National):

The PRA believes in a vetting process for candidates; a deposition-type questioning process whereby a candidates positions on policies are vetted and documented prior to their running for office, to ensure that they go “on the record” and don’t flip-flop on their position at a later time. A “Blue Check Mark” or “Gold Star” seal of approval they can leverage prior to running for office.

ALL Electronic vote counting machines used in all elections MUST have source code which is open and verifiable to all stakeholders, at ALL times. The entire vote counting process must be completely transparent to the American public.


Let’s agree to master the social contract amongst ourselves first and foremost; only then we can begin to examine rational solutions pertaining to the economy, the environment, corporate responsibility, and other nationwide issues affecting ALL Americans;

Part of moving towards a solution to divisiveness over major issues is acknowledging that you don’t have to have an answer or solution for everything in order to make progress forward on some things;



The P.R.A. has a different idea for the future; instead of having candidates come forth with their own platform and personal beliefs, a P.R.A. supported candidate would simply adopt the positions of the P.R.A. and agree to embrace and push forth this philosophy. The candidate could then continue to maintain their own beliefs on personal and social choices, remaining quiet on them, since they are, by definition and agreement, not a part of the P.R.A., therefore not relevant;

This actually FREES up the candidate to not have to contradict or spin their beliefs publicly – or speak out of both sides of their mouth. Now they have the same rights of personal choice as their supporters, and as YOU – without risking being chastised by the public;

  Given that, from a technical standpoint, a P.R.A. candidate could run as an Independent, Republican or Democrat – it makes no difference, as long as they support the P.R.A. tenets, platform and philosophy – and not waiver from them.


P.R.A. members and supporters are free to maintain their own personal beliefs with regards to religion, orientation, social issues and the like; Because of that, you will never be asked to take a public position on these social issues and choices. They are of no consequence to the P.R.A. in terms of objectives or philosophy;


Strong-willed and self-reliant men and women have historically been one of the greatest threats to both state power and fringe elements preying on the masses; especially if these men and women are idle without circus distractions. We shall be idle no more.


As a supporter of The P.R.A. you are protected. The P.R.A. is committed to privacy. Whether individual, corporation, public servant, or public figure, our supporters will never be asked to take a position on divisive social issues. Supporters can simply take the position of supporting The P.R.A. platform.

The P.R.A. supporters are free to maintain their own personal beliefs and social choices. We support social freedom of choice and believe that governing of social issues should be done at the State and County Government levels, and not by the Federal Government.

The P.R.A. keeps a low profile. If you so wish, your anonymity as a supporter is guaranteed. We do not share or publish our mailing list. Our website stays low-key with only a few pages laying out the P.R.A. platform.


It’s reassuring to know that there are millions of folks out there like you wanting some sort of change. What alignment and association with the P.R.A. gives you is an even louder, more powerful voice across this country. Help everyone protect their rights and bring about peace, civility and common sense back to this country. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Donations are always welcome. Send us an email and let us know you are on board.

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